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Bite or get bitten is a very harsh yet very true statement. 
To put it to its extreme, its either kill in a war or get killed right?

Moving on to my point before i start getting gruesome on how to kill... just kidding ;) ... or maybe not.
My point is that sometimes, being nice only makes your life harder.
 Karma can be such a contradicting bitch right?

But im not saying be Regina George mean and burn all the bitches of the world... 
Im just saying be fierce. and that doesn't always necessarily involve being mean, right?

Now for a mini rant! 

I CAN NOT STAND HOW SELLERS NOWADAYS ARE ACTING LIKE YOU OWE THEM AND YOU HAVE TO OBLIGE TO THEIR BULLSHIT! Like when i shop on Carousell, i always ask for Video Proof of postage and recently i've been getting like "i only do pic proofs" and im like... ... ... like i always ask nicely ok? I'm always like "... and can i request for vid proof of postage please? sorry, but this is cause i really don't trust pic proofs at all" and they are like "i don't send vid proofs" and im like ... ... ... SUCK MY DICK BITCH! Once there was these few sellers who were like "i mail out too many parcels every single day to take video proof" and i'm like ok.... firstly, you are on Carousell. You are NOT a professional webstore owner SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP ACTING SO STUCK UP Like is it so hard to take a 5 seconds video for me? I AM PAYING YOU. So i will reply something like "a 3 seconds video will be enough or i'm sorry but i would like to cancel my order if i am unable to get a video proof of postage" and they'll either rage or a few even took the effort to send me a fucking collage. Like they went to collage all the pictures of their parcels and was like "I mail out this many every day" i was just like _|_ It's a collage. FROM DIFFERENT DAYS?! So often i'll just ask for COD which is a Certificate Of Postage. It costs 20cents BUT it requires you to queue up at singpost and mail out at the counter to request for a COD. And let me remind you how queueing up at singpost burns like 15-30minutes easily at the very least. So only then will they be like ok they'll take. HOWEVER, a made a few exceptions recently and I've 'lost' 2 parcels already. TRUST MISUSED MUCH? I am a mad shopaholic and retail therapy is my middle name. But in the mood i've been in recently, all i've wanted to do was shop and i did not have any mood to argue so if they refused to take a video proof of postage for me i was just like whatever. But look what happened? I SERIOUSLY do not trust sellers nowadays and neither do i trust picture proofs AT ALL.

Now lets get past the rant and onto the post.

Video Proof Of Postage
 What is it? A simple clear video of your parcel getting mailed out.

Benefits for the blogshopper:

God i can never stress enough on how important this is...
ALWAYS request for vid proof of postage when buying from a instashop/fb shop/carousell shop etc

Yes it is a little troublesome but it is insurance.

I used to just ask for COD (Certificate of postage) but that costs an extra 20cents and that can only be obtained from singpost if the person mails it out there directly at the counter... Which means that they have to queue plus pay a slightly higher rate for the parcel. Like normally when we mail out on our own, we use rough estimations for the costs which we usually round down. Mailing out at singpost, they often round up so... yea. PLUS THE QUEUE IS CRAZY!

Of course the safest way will be to opt for registered postage but then if you're a shopaholic like me, you realize how much more you can buy from saving $2+ on each purchase... 

Also, i believe it takes less effort to take a 5 second video than to go to singpost and wait in the long queue to mail out a parcel?

And why not just ask for picture proof?

Simply cause it seriously doesn't prove anything.

I can write your address on a parcel anytime but how does that prove that the parcel was mailed out? The stamp? well lets face it, anyone can stick a stamp on a parcel to take a picture but take it off after, right?

So ask for video proof. Unless u really don't mind getting scammed a few times.
Would u rather have a lost mail case where u suspect that you got scammed?
Or a lost mail case where by you know that your item was mailed out, your trust was not misused and it is singpost's fault..

The minority of the time when i'm actually okay with just having a picture proof is when i'm buying from a reputable seller. Not necessarily professional webstores but basically reputable sellers for instance on carousell, sellers with like 80+ positive feedbacks from their previous customers? But even so, i still usually always request for video proof.

Benefits for the blogshop seller:

Come on, don't be lazy!
my videos are like 3-10 seconds long, that's all it takes!

You may say its a waste of time but wait lets consider this... If a parcel gets lost in the mail and you honestly mailed it out... even if you state in your t&c that you are not liable for any lost normal mails, your customer will still be pissed right? unless of course, your customer is crazy rich and doesn't care.

Video proof is your insurance as well.

Now let me tell you a story...
Just last year, i had this CRAZY customer... I mailed out her item and sent her picture proof and guess what happened next? The mail got lost. Now take a guess on how she reacted....

She accused me of scamming her.

Firstly, she started to hurl insults at me like free flow

Secondly, she spammed me like mad and when i say like mad, i mean LIKE MAD 

Thirdly, she went to comment on all my selling posts like 'xxx is a scammer, don't buy from her'

Fourthly, she would stalk anyone who likes/comments on any of my posts and comment on their posts to say that im a scammer.

Fifthly, she would text random blogshops (those with their numbers on their bio/posts) to say that im a scammer.

Sixthly, she started to threaten me saying she was going to go to my house and splash paint on my door LOL?! AND HERE'S THE JOKE! my igshop username was budgetbimbo so she said something like 'you bimbo right? ill splash pink paint for you' 
i was honestly just like .__. ROFLMAO?!?!?!

Oh and you would think that this is all already a freaking joke. But trust me, you haven't even reached the climax of the story yet...

Few months(?) later, one of my past customers whatsapped me telling me that she heard of an instashop who claims that she(the instashop) went down to my house and stole my shoes because no one was home

crazy is now an understatement right?

and let me highlight that the parcel that got lost held a value of $7. yes $7.

Let me also highlight that i stay in private property and the shoes that she stole were not just lying at my doorstep but were inside the shoe cabinet which had doors...

So yea. This girl gets to hold the trophy for psycho of the year man...

Which brings me back to my point, TAKE VIDEO PROOF. 

Video proof is the answer to all your problems, if a parcel gets lost, well u have video proof to proof that you mailed out! 

Lol i can honestly imagine that girl breaking into the singpost headquaters with a gun screaming 'GIVE ME $7!' 

But yea, video proof.... TAKE IT!

Pics used in this post credit: Tumblr

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