First sponsorship from non other than Kitty On Deck!
I just have to say... isn't it just AWESOME to get sponsored by a shop you love? 

Received the gorgeous famous lace runner shorts and i seriously fell in love with it almost instantly. The quality is amazing and the cutting seriously makes your legs look freaking long like who doesn't want that right?

Really loving the tie front and lace details as well. Its like sweet yet chic? Haha i only fear the day when my roughness tears the lace :(

Ok look at how elongated my legs look...
#illusion #poweroftheshorts #yayforlonglegs 

Initially planned to take some gorgeous shots for this ad at like gardens by the bay or the famous train tracks or some atas atas place but i never expected that i would be so blown away by this piece... The moment i received it, i literally just tried it on, fell in love, took these pictures and wore it out.

Also got a light tartan babydoll dress previously because i just couldn't resist it.
I have a mad mad love for plaid. It will never ever ever ever go out of trend like checks are timeless baby TIMELESS! She had this up on preorder for $20 if  i remember correctly...

Which is totally worth it cause once again, great quality baby!

/flips hair because im fab like that/
Oh and did i also mention my love for babydoll dresses? Its like THE go to outfit for a buffet day ;) No worries babeh cause this dress is magic wahahahaha fat belly concealer

 Go check out @KITTYONDECK now on instagram!

Oh and i did stress that i love love love KOD right? Well apart from the fab stuff up on sale, the girl behind this shop (@XIWENCHER) deserves much love too. She is the reason why KOD is like my top fav instashop. 

Why? go check out @KITTYONDECKREVIEW
Because her devotion to her shop is seriously amazing. Expect nothing but fantastic service from her. Which is so extremely precious these days :( I mean, how many sellers actually bother to give free gifts or thank you notes anymore?

I wasn't paid to do a full advertorial with a blogpost but i think she and KOD deserves this :)

Anyways, to wrap up this post, I genuinely love this instashop and the lovely girl behind it. 




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