Courage vs Insecurities


Just a short post here cause i feel a need to update for some reason hahaha

So i took all the courage i could in me to chop my hair off....

I say i don't regret it, cause i really don't. but it still is a really huge change for me.

Going from


But oh wells, on to the courage part...
It takes a hell lot of courage to welcome change with open arms, you have to admit that. 
But change isn't always necessarily bad.
Change is what helps us to grow.

I feel completely different now both outside and inside.
Do i get insecure? yea... well everyone does. But the question is how much do my insecurities affect me? 
The answer is my choice. 

No one is perfect. Even Taylor Swift has flaws, look at her among the angels on the runway... Even Miley Cyrus, #mileyasssmallerthan but the thing is... what's wrong with that? There ain't nothing wrong with that unless you tell yourself that there is. 

BEYONCE BABY LET'S LEARN FROM BEYONCE!!!! No thigh gap? No problem. Now watch this video. Follow her one day rule. Don't let yourself drag your ownself down. You're perfect if you tell yourself that you are.

And back to insecurities? Why are we even feeling insecure? Cause someone is prettier? well let's face it, snow white will always be the fairest of them all but wait she doesn't even have long hair. Rapunzel will always have the longest hair ever but she isn't a mermaid. Ariel doesn't have gorgeous glass heels, Cinderella doesn't have an ice castle. 

Let's learn something from Elsa.

Let it go, Let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don't care
What they're going to say
let the storm rage on

You'll never know if you can build an ice castle if you never try.

basically my point is that if you love yourself, that's enough love to last you a lifetime.
True love is hard to find but learning to love yourself is even harder.
But yet, you have to know how to love yourself before you love someone else so...


As long as you truly love who you are, comments just won't matter as much. 
Haters are pathetic jealous bitches.
They want to bring you down. They want you to feel insecure. So why give them that satisfaction?
Just be who you want to be. 
Do what you want to do.
But listen to heart and conscience.
Find yourself, the real you, and live the life you want.

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