My Rainbow Hair Story


So this is my current rainbow hair wahaha ^^ mainly blue and pink but with different shades of blue and pink and purple too woohoo 

Ok so i was dark headed before turning into a unicorn. ok well technically my hair was pretty much a green rather than brown though i dyed my hair black like 190374897189789123 times like literally T__T

can u see my green-ess? hahaha ok so the sad truth was that my hair was crazily damaged....
Because i had bleached my hair previously and well... bleaching=striping your hair so yeah i raped my hair one too many times so it died a terrible death. So whenever i tried to dye my hair black, it would turn green cause 1) The black dye reacts with the bleach from before
2) My hair was too dead to eat the black dye properly

Thus my natural green hair hahaha
ok its not very obvious here but you can easily see that it well, isn't black. 

Ok so this time....

First i bleached my ends, which wasn't the plan but the bleach was just wayyyy too little. 
AND the bleach was horrible. 

selca with jen <3

But can u see it? NO U CAN'T 
It damaged my hair GREATLY but it didn't even turn my hair blonde, it just lightened my hair slightly.
The colour which it made my hair.... I wouldn't say i hated it. 
Because it only covered my ends, it gave me an ombre tone and with my green countering in, it was a pretty pretty colour but it wasn't what i wanted.
But, it did damage my hair greatly so meeting jen the day right after bleaching my hair, i had to tie it. 

Ok after that on the next round of bleaching, i used this

If i remember correctly, i bought it at $9.90 :)

It was much more effective than the previous bleach like it gave me this

which is a hugeeee difference from the previous lousy bleach

It was pretty uneven job though, can u see that dark strand right there? hahahaha
Sad thing about bleaching hair.... you can't see which spots aren't covered as well the rest as compared to when you are dyeing...

Ok so after that, i re covered my whole head another round this time with my favourite bleach of all

and it gave me a rather close to platinum colour ^^ 

and i have to admit.... my hair was damaged as fuck. Like it didn't even feel like hair. It was always like a tangled mess of wires... i could barely comb through my hair without breaking like a whole hair ball of them....

i know this is gross but.....

and my fingers were flat against the table..... and this is from simply brushing out my hair...

But i did managed to save my hair from the dept of hair hell with some diy treatments and got it much healtier, though still pretty much a damaged mess

ignore that lilac ish strand, that is the result of failing trying to tone my hair hahahha

After this, i went crazy one day. Like i was just sad. So one day during dinner i was just like 'you know what? im gonna get a change. Im gonna cut my hair.' and a few minutes later i was at the salon going 'OMG WHAT DID I JUST DO'

and lets take a few seconds to appreciate
my last selca with my long fringe...

and there you have it. Me with bangs

#nofilter hahhaha this is me and few hours after getting that impulsive hair cut

I did cut a few inches off my length as well and i have to admit, it was painful to watch my hair fall off forever but yet it really made my hair a hell lot nicer to touch hahaha no more wires!

still not very adjusted to having bangs though but i have to admit it makes doing my eyebrows a hell lot less stressful ^^

And onto the rainbow-ing
One thing i regret is not doing enough research on self rainbowing your hair... haha i mean like when i was going to start, i had my dyes in front of me but i was like :\ how should i do this?

So i winged it...

First, i used crazy colour's sky blue

for my first colour, i sectioned my hair in a top bottom manner, pushing up all my hair from my ear

resulting in....

Next, i used manic panic amplified (MY FAVORITE DYE AMONG ALL)

Purple Haze and Hot Hot Pink if im not wrong :)
(Those strands in my hair then was hot hot pink ^^ )

i used a very concentrated amount of violet, letting down another random section of my hair to achieve...

two tones of blue :)
Yeah i was kinda like huh? O_o when i got a very much blue colour, it has a purple tone to it but it mostly just looks like dark blue but heh it fits in well so yay ^^

Next i decided to go crazy on my bangs and dyed them along with some hair from both sides HOT HOT PINK

But as you can see, there is still like a lot of blonde patches and pieces around... So i used one of my old dyes, La Riche Directions's Violet

So basically i slapped this onto the long strands which were hanging around and i have to say.... La Riche Directions.... Im sorry LRD but you can't come close to fighting with Manic Panic Amplified.... My hair was not a very platinum blonde colour, it was between platinum and dirty blonde. This violet... didn't really show up very well on the darker shades in my hair :(

And after that, HUGE NIGHTMARE!

The back of my head.... was barely covered!!!!!!!
So i used Manic Panic Amplified's Atomic Turquoise
and just slapped that all around the back of my head.

And at the sides, i mixed the remaining of my lavender together with my purple haze
and covered that area and that was it ^^


Do you like my rainbow hair???

I have to admit, it is reallyyyyyy fun to camwhore with rainbow hair hahahaha

Rainbow unicorn cupcake hair for you ;)



Like i never really understood the concept of rope braiding but when i finally did, YAY YAY YAY MY NEW OBSESSION <3

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