15 #OOTD s under $50


Just a quick post to bring some life to this blog and to save it from my horrible past posts.

omg are we all always like that? hahhaha

past hairstyle. WHY? past boyfriend. WHY? past ootds. WHY? past decisions. WHY? 
lol at life. 

Ok so now on the the oh oh tee deez staring my full outfits all at under $50 

lets start with this

 #ootd to go shopping with my jenbear <3 
AND MY NEW HEELS <3 GORGEOUS OR GORGEOUS? i should do a recent loots of the day post right? ok better not. cause it'll be a lil too crazy haha

Dress $2 from the flea party YES $2 AWWYEAH BABY
Belt 3 for $10 from bugis lvl 2
Jacket fell down from heaven aka its too old so i can't remember :(
Snapback $15 from my igshop @BudgetBimbo 
Awesome heels $20 from the flea party TOTAL STEAL <3

full outfit $40.30+jacket

Casual #ootd just to head to the hospital to accompany my daddy for his eye surgery and then it was off to work at st regis.

and i just decided that i will blog about my experience working as a waitress soon :)

omg and doesn't my legs just look like so damn long and slim here? <3 <3 <3 not like park sora long and slim but still.... pretty much damn long considering how short i am u__u and i am proud baby

Shirt from NEW2U $2
Necklace and shades from Y&J 3 for $10
Jacket from scape bazaar $5
Shorts from Montifs $15
Shoes from bangkok $4

Full outfit $30

Comfy #ootd to go shopping with kayjen <3 
 inspired by my no. 1 girl KIM HYUNA during the trouble maker now comeback period

Black Bralet $15 from Bugis lvl 3
Leather shorts $7 from a random igshop
Red Checkered shirt $5 from Miyake ^^ 
Spike Boots $19.90 from Bugis lvl 3

also, hyuna was wearing a circular necklace, which i didn't have :( so i just wore a random casual piece

Necklace $2 from Bangkok

Full Outfit $48.90

#ootd for a little shopping and dinner :)

Lace crop top $6 from an igshop @closet_overload 
Floral Skirt $8 from Scape Bazaar
Creepers $8 from Bangkok
Hot Pink Socks $3 from Qoo10

should i include bag? ok fine

Bag $6.50 from Y&J

Full Outfit $ 31.50

#ootd to homeclub
Romper $15 from Bugis lvl 2 
Outerwear $4 from the scape flea
Heels $19.90 from Y&J
Flower in my head $2 from H&M

Full Outfit $40.90

and i just decided to do a halloween post woohoo

Dress $15 from Bugis lvl 2 (i think)
Belt 3 for $10 from Bugis lvl 2
Stockings $5 from a facebook shop years ago
Shoes $4 from bangkok
Bag $0 HANDMADE from an old tank top 
(shall include how i made my bag in my halloween post too heh_

Full Outfit $27.30

#ootd for a night with e506 <3

Snapback $10 from Y&J
Shirt $5 from Bugis lvl 3
Outerwear $5 from carousell shop @rosypixies
Jeggings $12 from a blogshop

Full Outfit $32

#ootd to avalon 

Dress $8 from the scape flea
Outerwear $4 from the scape flea
Bag $8 from Bangkok
Wedges $20 from the scape flea
Necklace $8 from scape underground

Full Outfit $48

omg this. this was my very first #ootd without a mirror ahahha #proud 

Shirt $9 from Bugis lvl 2
Shorts $5 from scape flea
belt $2 from talismans
Shoes $4 from KL

Full outfit $20

#ootd for a mad mad shopping spree with kayjen ahah

Top $12 from Bugis lvl 2
Skorts $5 from scape flea
Necklace $8 from scape bazaar
heels $15 from forever 21

Full outfit $40

#ootd to shop again i think... hahahha 

necklace $8 from scape bazaar
dress $28 from a blogshop
belt $2 from talismans
shoes $4 from bangkok
Skeleton hair clip $2 from de edge

Full outfit $ 44

#ootd to...... WORK T__T at the Wet Bar at W Hotel Singapore
sad life lol people sunbathing and partying and im just watching..... BUTEARNINGMOENYBABYYEAH

Top $10 from bugis lvl 2
Shorts $15 from montifs
Shades $2 from rubi
Shoes $10 from carousell shop 

Full outfit $37

#throwback #ootd I MISS MY LONG LONG HAIR :'''''( 

Top $10 from Bugis lvl 3
Shorts $12 from a blogshop
Belt $2 from KL
Snapback $8 from Qoo10

Full outfit $32

#ootd for a job interview y'all ahahha aka half casual #ootd for dinner at town

Top $5 from a blogshop
Skirt $2 from scape flea
Wedges $4 from scpae flea

Full outfit $11 O_O

Top $4 from bangkok
Leggings $15 from bugis lvl 2
Boots $10 from scape flea
Socks $2 from daiso

Full outfit $31 

and here are 15 past #ootds ^^

Oh and if you follow me on instagram @theonlyandrea , you would know that i recently cut bangs so..... 

 Selca for you ;)
oh and im blonde again, hi :)

going rainbow soon too ^^ 

and i shall end this post with one last selca in case u missed my face during these 5 months :-*

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