JJ Project in Singapore ♡


Ok so JJ project came to Singapore with Wonder Girls recently and well... what do i have to say other than JB and JR are so cute omg let me squishy squishy oppa's cheekies cheekies :3

This shall be a short post cause i have not much to say but i just want to write about those few days so it'll forever stay on this blog and maybe a few years from now ill read it and ill be like OoO hahahahhahaha

-Inserts random selca-

Lets see.... everything started from a movie date with kayrot :\ we were going to watch imperfect but because kayleigh didn't bring her ic, she couldn't get her ticket and we weren't heartless enough to force her to ask a stranger to lend an ic so she could get her ticket :3 heheheh 

Ok so first then decided to just slack at plaza sing for a while and then head to the airport for jj ^^ i always like them though :\ because of dream high! hahahah but i never thought i would end up going to find them u__u

during our time at plaza sing though, WE DID OUR NAILS AT ETUDE HOUSE CAUSE WE'RE COOL LIKE THAT! hahahahhaha /paints nails/ eww ugly /removes/ /paints again/ yuck /removes/ /paints again/ heyyyyyy not bad /adds glitter/ ewwwww /removes all/ /paints nail and adds glitter/ HEY NICE :D

say hi to my awesome etude house manicure hahahahahha pink+turquoise with pink+blue glitter polishes <3

Ok so after that we headed to the airport and met zixuan jen and lixian[idk if i spelt her name right :x ] 
We tabaoed our kfc and was eating at the t3 arrival hall when one of our friends at t2 called and was like 'here got ess!' so we flew over and wow there were suddenly a lot more people than before :O but still not really like..... a lot alot luh :)

After that they just came out without barricades and they were pushed around like some stuffed animal and poor JB took fangifts in both hands so he couldn't even shield himself from fans pushing from all directions T__T

Haish but at least they seemed happy to be in Singapore :) i think....

But after they boarded their van and zoomed off..... kayleigh started to cry ;___;
Her polaroid jammed.... but she was still so happy.... but there were also certain people who didn't know what limits were =___= like seriously sia karma is fucking bullshit which doesn't exist and is just something people believe in for the sake of believing cause if karma did exist certain people would probably have been ran over by a truck now =__=

Every event seriously.... P A T H E T I C. N O L I F E. U S E L E S S. L A M E. I D I O T S

Lets just hope that karma is as bitchy as life is and when she strikes it;ll be huge lmao


After that we decided to go get gong cha.... and i started raging and shouting in the airport again lmao thanks to another bitch who doesn't know her limits as well =__= and she obviously doesn't know MINE either.


We were on the way to gong cha when zi xuan was like 'omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg its the the the coordis and dancers' i swear she's like the definition of a hardcore yg stan she can recognize like all the dancers its amazing OoO

So we followed them to their bus and talked to their driver and everything so we ended up following them to their hotel via cab :x HOTEL MICHEAL \M/ the hotel everyone thought 4m was staying at lmao hahahha

Then we saw the dancers and all walk into the hotel and omg zixuan was so cute! 'OMG ITS HER!' /RUNS TO DANCER AND ASKS FOR A SELCA/ after that she immediately took out her phone, went to tts's twinkle mv and showed us which dancer she took a selca with hahahhaha ^^ #fact sm uses jyp dancers

Then after that we just talked to one of the hotel staff and confirmed that jjp was staying there and that they were already upstairs and everything and then we decided to go get a drink...


we went to 7 eleven.... and right after like dk how long of deciding what drinks to buy, we bought wtare! hahahah and when we walked out....

JR WAS THERE! with manager and a coordi

At first we thought they were dancers and then i saw his hat and kayleigh saw his socks and zixuan saw...HIM then we just froze :x

He walked past us and i think it was damn epic cause we were just standing there then as he was passing us our heads just turned slowly hahahahah

Then kayleigh said his name. SUPERRRRRR SOFTLY! but he heard and he spinned round and bowed \m/

After that the 3 of them walked in and the 3 of still stood outside in shock! hahahhaha Bur we decided to just stay where we were and leave them to shop in 7 eleven in peace while we prepare our hearts to see him up close again :3

They spent like 10 minutes though T_T but jr was super cute! he kept going to the chips area and slowly slowly look at the chips while he kept bouncing up and down :3

After they walked out we were like holding our polaroids and the manager was like /LIFTSUPHAND/ 'NO PICTURES' then we were like 'okok sorry sorry' /puts down cameras then kayleigh went up to jr and asked for a signature on her album :) he was so excited to sign he like dropped the bag of bottles he was holding hahha and we helped pick the bag up and pass it to the coordi which made her.... happy? :) hehe

After he signed finish he was like doing the take a picture with a camera action and he was like 'lets take a picture' and at first we froze again but after that we just all went to stand beside himand the coordi was like 'just 1 picture'

But after that 1 group picture.... kayleigh just stayed beside him and he was like '1 more???' so the coordi and manager both gave up and just let us all take as many pictures as we wanted hahahha and jr was so cute \(OoO)/ he would like hold our shoulder then as whoever was taking the picture would go '1 2......' he would pull closer and tighter :3 CUTECUTECUTE

And not only that! after we all finished taking our pictures, he was like 'penpenpenpenpen' and he signed all the polaroids we took with him ^^

ok this ain't exactly a short post anymore but oh well :3 after that the 3 of them left after saying goodbye leaving us still outside 7 eleven spazzing hahahahha :) and as we were spazzing..... zixuan's favourite dancers came to 7 eleven! making it her double lucky day ^___^ so happy for both kayleigh and zixaun :D

my picture with JR <3

I still find it funny how since the day before me and kayleigh were like 'i need a new dp' but we just couldn't take a nice selca.... then suddenly this ;__; its like telling us 'here you go! your're new dp' hahahahha ^^

OK THE NEXT DAY! we stayed home and slept


Met all the girls again and we did what we do best :) TAKE PIKCHARES x3

 Me and Jen <3
 Jen again!
 The pretty carrotkay <3
 The cute jenkay <3
 The sexy carrot who was smelling her hair and got her picture taken hahaha
 The awesome me x3
 Am i sexy enough yet? hahaha
Xiannie :) hehe

Ok i stayed with the girls till 4 30 before i rushed over to church :x 

YES I MISSED THE CONCERT TO GO TO CHURCH! and i regret nothing u___u
I knew like confirm with chop that somehow we would be inside happily watching the concert but i still went to church because i am cool like that ;)

Guess what? THE ORGANIZER BROUGHT MY BABIES IN ^___^ because they're so cute the organizer couldn't resist but to bring them in and see them smile :3 


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