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Silver Hair By J&J Hair Identity With NATULIQUE Hair Colouring | Virgin trip to the salon for a hair dye-ing session.

So I am finally back with a new post and new video!!! I've got J&J Hair Identity to thank for my silver hair and I am absolutely loving it! If you have not watched my video on Youtube yet... Here it is!
Here is my hair before and after

My hair was dyed with NATULIQUE hair colours and J&J Hair Identity is the first salon to introduce it in Singapore.

"NATULIQUE represents a family business with honest history and passion for sustainable and ethically sound products produced and designed for professional use."

NATULIQUE is a gentler way to colour hair with extra conditioning. This is achieved with natural ingredients which includes pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil and apricot seed oil. It is certified organic and was also featured in "10 of the Best Natural Hair Dyes" article on ELUXE Magazine

Natulique Hair Colours are all
100% Ammonia-Free
100% PPD Free
100% Lauryl Sulfate Free
100% Parabens Free

With an organic hair dye, you do not have to suffer through hours of smelling harsh chemicals. If you have ever stepped into a normal salon, I am sure you know what smell I am talking about. The fragrant smell of Ammonia. Eww. Thank God I did not have to go through ~8 hours of breathing in Ammonia. The way the salon is designed with a very open concept also helps keep the air clean, imagine a small enclosed space with all the chemicals just lingering around day after day... Once again, I think you know what I am talking about hahaha

The bleach my stylist used was the NATULIQUE Permanent Whitener which has added nutrients, is 100% Ammonia free, able to provide up to 7 levels of lift (varies based on hair condition and original hair colour) and is also certified organic. The developer used also has a high level of lanolin which provides protection and increases the level of moisture in the hair. Now how cool is that? Organic hair bleach? WOW.

If you would like to know more about NATULIQUE, their website is

Also, they have a tab on their site explaining their certification for being organic which can be found here.

It is common to want to believe whatever we see on labels and advertising especially when it includes the word "organic" but do not be a victim to the mass media, always do your research!

Alright, now onto my time at the salon. I have been dyeing my hair myself for 5 years now and this is seriously the first time I have ever gotten my hair dyed at a salon. I will probably talk about how I dye my hair myself, why I dye my hair myself and the pros and cons all in a separate video and blog post.

I was honestly really worried that my hair would get completely fried. I have seen many of my friends get their crazy colours done at a salon and ending up chopping off their hair because it got completely fried! Some stabbed their wallets, some got it sponsored, some were hair models but many of them regretted it. I have always heard that salons would bleach your hair like ~5-6 times or more? I grew up as a K-pop fan and even K-pop idols had their hair bleached like 15 times?! Cough a certain maknae from U-Kiss cough.

I was a little afraid but at the same time I was also kind of just like oh what is the worst that could happen? If my hair gets too fried I would just get a pixie cut, that was my plan.

Thank God I did not have to resort to that :)

This is the photo I showed my stylist for what I wanted.

If you are wondering who this is... It's @hilisaa 😍

At first they bleached my roots to get them blonde. After which, was time to tackle the lower half of my head and certain darker sections near my roots. I counted this as 1 round of bleaching, forgive me if it is the wrong way to count it but this to me is 1 round of bleaching. The second round of bleaching, my whole head was just covered in bleach to lift more colour (this was the part that hurt) and after which, was the last round of highlighting and that is it for the bleach!

Throughout this whole period, my hair was also washed with purple shampoo to tone which already made my hair pretty white-ish and is an important important step. The last step was to use the silver grey-ish dye and then there I was, snow white! To be clear as well, my hair is not completely completely white but then again, that was not what I wanted so... yeah just to be clear. I should be snow silver then? Oops, lame. Sorry. Ok Bye.

My hair stylist also really took care of me. He kept warning me that no matter what, bleach would damage my hair and he asked me time and time again if I was okay with proceeding which is something I think is really important. 

Overall, my experience was just awesome. My hair is still healthy and it felt so good to be pampered instead of fighting with my usual struggle of trying to dye the back of my head hahaha

J&J Hair Identity is located at 88 East Coast Road #02-11 Singapore 423371 which is at Katong Square right beside 112 Katong!

Their opening hours are from 11am till 9pm on weekdays and 10.30am till 8pm on weekends.

For appointment bookings or inquiries, feel free to drop them a call at 6344 2388 or text at 8372 9084

They also have a Facebook page you can check out at

My stylist actually told me not to anyhow dye my hair in the next few months so we can get an even ashy colour next time but.... We'll see ;)

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