EZBuy Clothes Buffet Vlog + Try On Haul


Recently, I got a total of 20 items for a mere $35 at the EZ Buy clothes buffet.

I vlogged at the event itself to show you guys how the buffet went down and what the whole situation was like plus, I did a try on haul to show you all what I bought :)

If you haven't already watched my video, here it is!

Intro + What I liked and did not like about the event

Vlog on the day of the event



If you made it till the end, you would know that I am giving away quite a few items ;)
I'm giving away the items that don't fit me as well as those that I don't think I will wear much.
So... I'll be giving away 7 items

Item #1 - Tie Back Floral Top
Being sent to Tommy :)

Item #2 - Watercolour Floral Dress
Being sent to Claire :)

Item #3 - Tropical Floral Wrap Maxi
Being sent to Vanessa :)

Item #8 - High Neck Pink Long Sleeved Top
Being sent to Asyura :)

Item #12 - Furry Highwaisted Black Jeans 
Being sent to Eunice :)

Item #15 - Lilac Keyhole Maxi Dress
Being sent to Yaney :)

Item #16 - Fake AA Light Blue Highwaisted Jeans
Being sent to Jocelyn :)

If you want any of them, all you have to do is drop me an email at andreavexed@gmail.com with
your Name, Address and which item you want

This giveaway will be based on a first come first serve basis and I will strike out the items in this blogpost itself if someone has already claimed it :)

Thank you for watching my video and reading my blogpost!

Till next time. x

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