Sleepless nights


Because on sleepless nights. Just lying there... alone. the thoughts just start flowing.

worst thing is when you realize that that person that's gone..... is you.

they don't stop. they just keep falling. till you don't even feel them anymore. they're there. they're falling. but what are they... nothing. just water. just hidden feelings. nothing.


ok i really spent my whole night on tumblr.... till i even decided to create an account again... looks like im going to be spending a lot of time on tumblr now again....

this hurts.....  a lot.
and i cried after each time.

life is a war. a living hell.

and right now im just waiting for my body to self shut down. because as much as i want to sleep. i can't. i tried. but i can't.

oh and since im already about to post i shall just add this here shortly.
Current March holidays hair <3

shall post a happier post again soon.... asap.

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