Didn't go to school today... and i just realized i haven't blogged in over a month :O /slaps self/
But tbvh, i don't really have any idea about what i should blog about so... here's just a post about what i've been doing recently ^^

Lasalle with my beloved E506 <3
Believe it or not... Hadn't really met my cell for a very long time >< only twice this month i think :x which seems like a million years compared to usually when we spend at least 2 days of each week together haha but yeah.... finally got to spend time with them again last sunday (

Met them in the afternoon and we all bought our lunches and ate at lasalle ^__^ and being on the fake grass at lasalle.... WHO WOULDN'T CAMWHORE? U__U

failed tumblr inspired selca hahaha

and for that day, after lunch some of us went home and the rest of us went to park lane for lan time \m/ hehehe l4d2 for 3 hours woohoooo ^u^\/ and right after that, we had dinner at just acia WITH FREE FLOW ICE CREAM <3 and that was how that day went.... simple but awesome day haha :)
ohoh #ootd hehe ^__^\/
 E506 Family Steamboat <3
Steamboat @ Jasmine's house was simply....  SPECTACULAR <3
Look at all the food <3 and silly me wore high waist shorts T__T 10 minutes into the steamboat and i had already unbuttoned my shorts and omg.... the moment i unbuttoned, at the first breath my zip just went zzzzzzz down haha so literally i ate till my shorts exploded cause im a pig like that u__u

Got a lot of time to take many many pictures and go crazy together with everyone too ^^

Because we are sisters and sisters who camwhore together, stay together baby!!!<3 <3 <3 woohooo and let the camwhoring begin xD


and i saved the 'BEST' for last....

 ok and im back to normal

Hahahaha did you laugh? u__u i bet you did.... and hi there :) now you've seen the retard side of me \m/
and am i crazy? actually......HELLYEAH I AM!  WAHAHAHAHAH Why so serious? you only live once baby so fuck everyone and be as retarded as you want to be cause well..... that's what i do u___u

So that sums up the steamboat hehe ^__^ and  i really love E506, the people im not afraid to go full retard in front of <3

So recently i've been spending a lot of time with these awesome people right here...
Derrick ^^ he's seriously damn funny and damn caring hahaha and one day i whatsapped him a picture of dog dada with a 'big smile for you' and he replied 'r u high?' walao this stupid asshole haha and he also scribbled all over my timeable and coloured everything and wrote 'Derrick is awesome' and now everyone who sees my timeable is like 'who is derrick?' hahaha but yeah i love this asshole <3

Zhong Lie ^^ Handsome right handsome right? hahaha omg he damn nice please!!! always dabao kfc for me and walao when i asked him how much was it cause i wanted to pay him back he forever 'free one lah' argh make me feel bad only :( but he's migrating to Australia after june.... which is damn fucking sad cause February is already ending T__T i cried like shit when i first found out haha eyeliner everywhere :x but yeah that's just cause i really love this stupid asshole haha  <3

 Chuan Shu ^^ Hahaha he's damn cute and damn funny lorh!!! and he just called me to ask me to help him find a maple account hahaha what??? and he's also the reason i met these awesome dudes ^^ and how i met him is actually quite a funny story u__u hahaha me and my friend were taking a picture of our other friend and somehow he was in that picture haha and that was how we met u__u awesome story or what? i love this annoying asshole <3
Arthur ^^ He is damn cute i swear omg hahaha forever whatsapping with him at night and he's forever lazy to sleep hahaha where got people lazy to sleep one sia? hahaha damn cute lorh! and one night, he stayed with me till like 6+ am when i was crying and omg i can't tell you how much i love him for just being with me T__T it seriously sucks to be at home crying alone... and i never even told him why i was crying :x i just cried all night long and i have no idea how he didn't get bored and leave hahaha seriously seriously love him <3

and that's mostly whats been happening recently.... happy parts of my life <3 haha ok and i shall now end this post with a selca in case you're missing my face :P

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