Bring on them glitter lips. These were incredibly easy to achieve and not as messy as I expected it to get. All you need is lip balm, lipstick and glitter. 

I seriously love this so much right now.

3-4 steps and that's it for these lips, it's crazy.

Before I start rambling on about how pretty glitter lips are, let's just get on with the how to do it part.

Start by applying lip balm.

Lip balm is a product I always use till the very end (provided I do not lose them). 

For me, it is essential to apply lip balm before putting anything on my lips. Be it for just normal everyday lipstick or a special occasion, I never skip out on lip balm and you should not either. Unless, of course, you like the cracked chapped lips look. Lip balm is sooooo important.

Next, you want to put on your lipstick. Took me a few trail and errors to figure out what would work. 

If you use liquid lipstick, be fast because you want to get the glitter on before it dries.
If you use a normal lipstick, depending on the formula, the glitter should be able to stick on. However, if you need some extra grip, lip gloss does the trick.

Sparkling up was so much fun.
 I poured some glitter onto a little cover and had a bigger box cover acting as a tray to collect all the fall out. I highly recommend getting a tray or something to minimize the mess.

Instead of putting my lips down into a bunch of glitter, I used my fingers. This gave me soooo much more control. It would take a little more time but you really get a more even consistency, a better shape and it is less messy.

In the end, I succeeded in created 3 looks.

While achieving these looks, I got to try out these lip balms from Himalaya.

I first used a Himalaya product when I was 11 and I have since been in love. It started from their facial scrubs which I was obsessed with and this set my high hopes when it came to trying out their lip balms.

There are 4 variants for their lip balms, Rich Cocoa Butter, Strawberry Shine, Peach Shine and Natural Soft Vanilla. They all smell beyond amazing. I have never encountered better smelling lip balm in my life. Personally, I liked the Rich Cocoa Butter the most.

Apart from keeping my lips moisturized and nourished, these lip balms contain 100% natural Vitamin E and antioxidants plus, it is also free from preservatives which are definitely plus points.

If you would like to try them out, they are super affordable at just $3.95 and can be found at Guardian outlets or at Mustafa.

More details can be found on

This brings me to the end of this blog post, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

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