Laced Up and Ready to Conquer the World


Semi precious stone necklace: Topshop
Lace up sleeveless top: Space Invasion #SIMS8 (from Cherie Zeng)
Highwaist Denim Shorts: Thifted and DIYed
Furry Cardigan: Flea Party by Fleawhere@Lucky Plaza
Grey Lace Platform Boots: Space Invasion #SIMS8 (from Ohyeahuilii)


I'm so madly in love with every single item featured in this outfit!!!
Managed to catch my Topshop necklace on sale before it went back to it's usual price :)
The lace up top fits me oh so perfectly and since it's black, any bottom or should I say almost every will just go effortlessly with it :)
My shorts I chopped up a wee bit too short along the sides but the back of it covers my butt and exposes no butt cheek whatsoever so humongous plus points there weehee :)
Furry-ness itself wins me over already but gosh this cardigan is so soft and comfy and warm and has pockets and it just wins at life :)
I got the boots at $12, nuff said :)

Count the :) s 

I'm so satisfied :)

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