What I don't understand is why.

 Why would someone want to drop so low as to steal a phone that barely even carries any value at all... 

It makes so sense to me.

I just don't understand.

Honestly, I ain't sad about losing the phone.

But I'm just really bothered. Why would someone do that? That person took away a part of me. It's just a spare phone. It's monetary worth is so low but what it has is my life. My memories. Which this person is probably going to spend maybe 20 bucks to reformat and erase. Delete my life. She stole a part of my life.

I don't delete photos. I can never delete photos. I save the majority of my snapchats and my phone memory is almost always full because of that but I can never delete photos because deleting them just feels like I'm deleting away the memories. So you get it right? This person didn't just steal my phone this person stole my friendships my relationships my happiness. It's all gone just like that.

All my whatsapps and texts....

Why would she want to do this for such a tiny sum of money?

She's a girl with feelings too isn't she? She should know the significance of a phone in a girl's life. If it were an IPhone I would get it but it isn't even a Samsung or a Sony it isn't even LG or Nokia. IT'S A FREAKING HTC.

But why does it not surprise me that this happened at Cineleisure... 

I can't even...

I filed a stolen phone report with Orchard police station almost immediately so they're basically investigating right now but I doubt they'll get back to be with anything at all.

I couldn't sleep last night.

That.... girl.

My babygirl Letrice's phone got stolen last month too but I think her scenario is way worse. She got pick pocketed in China and as though a barely 1 month old IPhone wasn't enough, those horrible people tried to steal even more from her. They created a replica of Apple's email accounts and what not and freaking contacted her trying to get her to send them account details. That's just disgusting. Those people aren't suitable to be labelled as people, they're animals. Not human beings. 

Why do people like that even exist?

I swear I was so close to losing it yesterday. I was so enraged and I'm just so glad that I could keep all that anger in and not lash out at basically anyone or anything within a 1 meter radius from me then.

Because I just can't come up with a reason to move on with.

Why would she do that? 

Instead of just I don't know, working for just a week? How do you live with yourself...

She ruined my evening, she ruined my night, I couldn't sleep, I had a shoot the next day and I was so dead tired. Even right now. It's 2am and here I am trying to find someway to locate my lost device and come up with some understandable reason as to why this girl would do this to me...

Bitch you stole from me so personally. It doesn't get anymore personal than this. Thanks for making my day. I hope you have a good damn week shopping with the little filthy cash you make from selling away a part of me.  

Urgh I hate you so much.

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