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Hey guys! Wow it's been over 3 months since I updated this space...

Sorry I've been gone for so long... I'm going to to be much more active here now since I'm on my 6 months break from school hehehe so... what have I done so far this holidays? Well... I've basically been relaxing and not doing anything much as you can see... 

But here is a little #throwback to what's been happening the past few months :)

May the pictures give you the full stories they hold

My Birthday!!!

My birthday is actually on the 9th of November and last year, I spent it by filling my day with amazing people and amazing food and I really couldn't ask for more :)

In the morning, I went to church and spent some time with my beloved cell group before heading off to meet Jen for a bday buffet lunch at bugis and it was soooo amazing. After which we did a little birthday shopping before ending our day at Swensons <3

And that pretty much sums up my birthday last year, I couldn't do much as it was a day before an O levels paper but... this was definitely enough for me, having people I love around me to love me back, I can't be more grateful <3


So because of the scary big Os, I couldn't do much at all this Halloween but I did take one night off to throw some make up on and go for a lil Halloween event... Here's what happened

 Accompanied by my fellow witch, here's my half burned look, excuse my mistakes because I really rushed through the process hahaha

We didn't go trick or treating but instead just out to take some pictures at a little halloween party at bishan and also, to go tarot card reading and boy was it freakishly accurate like woah there....

That's basically how I spent Halloween last year due to exams :( 


If you live under a rock and do not know who Gg (otherwise known as plaaastic) is, she is one of my biggest inspirations both as a fashion blogger and as a human being. She stayed in Singapore to study for the past few years but now, she's moved out. It was definitely a real pleasure and honor to have met her and gotten to know her during her tough journey here in this little dot though. 

Here's 2 of the fleas she had to clear her wardrobe before she flew off...

Believe it or not, she's actually a real darling in person... The very first time I met her was actually at a tbm flea way back and I pretty much fangirled hahaha no one actually approached her and I was like wait why how can everyone at this flea not recognize her with her 2 buns?! It crossed my mind that I may have mistaken someone else for her but eventually I was just like urgh... screw this I want a picture. So I got one and I obviously don't regret making that decision. I would insert it here but... it ain't a good picture at all hahaha we both look so shit it ain't even funny

Shooting for Feathered Fedoras

Spent my sunday morning in church as per usual before the mini shoot we had after lunch...

Horrible quality selfie with Lindsey and Dolphine

And another rather bad but I'm going to include anyway selfie with Kenneth heh heh

Here's my full outfit that day
Jumper: Static Fumes
 Necklace: c/o of Lyla

The lovely girls I spent the rest of my day with, Bel, Lindsey and Jen 

Here are some of my fav shots from the shoot that day

And of course, more group selfies with the loves and I think we had way too much fun trying to set the 3 SECOND timer on Lindsey's NX Mini becuase just.. take a look hahaha

Plus the normal(or not) selfies, here's our behind the scenes of the shoot

#OOTDCampaign Xmas Party

Loving the OOTDCampaign team for throwing yet another splendid event for us fashion enthusiasts.
So what happens at one of this events? 

Basically, we get to have fun dressing up following a dress code, meet fellow instagramers and bloggers, eat awesome food, take many pictures and of course get an update on what's brewing with Campaign 

Here's some shots of what happened at the #CampaignAffair Christmas edition held at Cafe Melba

Cr: Campaign 
Cr: Campaign 
Cr: Campaign 
Cr: Campaign 
Cr: Campaign 
More pictures (+ the food pics) up on their Facebook Page 

It was a real joy meeting everyone, both the familiar as well as new faces, the food was amazing as per usual and it was overall just a really good time

The dress code for this event was White and Gold so here's what I wore

Dress: Shop6by6 in Space Invasion
Necklace: bought somewhere in Netherlands
Shoes: Far East Plaza

Not forgetting their previous #CampaignAffair held at the House Of Dempsey, here's what happened

Cr: Campaign
Cr: Campaign

Cr: Campaign
Cr: Campaign
It was a much smaller event as compared to their Christmas Edition but it was a real memorable one too. I feel so honored and blessed to be receiving invites from their lovely team for their truly well planned events. Their events are definitely among the best I've ever attended so far as a fashion enthusiast. It was such a joy to meet everyone there, Melody (@meloided) who's one of my top favorite Singaporean IGers, E Jia (@cat_jiajia) who's definitely an inspiration to me with her unique style, Dora (@dorasoh) who was really just extremely friendly and such a sweetheart and not forgetting Jovelle (@dancexpression) Claire (@clxiretxy) and Kelly (@honeyflowerr) too! I had actually been bumping into Jovelle and Claire around so many different events and fleas previously but we just never once introduced ourselves to each other until this very event hahaha

The dress code for this event was Vintage so here is what I wore

Red Plaid Shirt: TBM Flea
Suspenders: Talismans
Jeans: Alescere
Shoes: Taobao

And yeah, you probably noticed a certain someone there too(not naming names so if you know exactly who, good for you and if not, let's just call her 'princess') ;) I was kind of shy yet rather afraid to go for the event alone so the Campaign team actually granted me the option to bring a plus one so I brought someone with me

She took some of these pictures for me so well credits to her let's give her a round of applause. Basically, we are no longer friends anymore. I no longer want her in my life and neither does she since according to her I am 'pmsing all the god damn time' and 'all I ever care about is myself' so wow I guess that makes me a hard person to be around huh boohoo my life must suck then LOL I ain't going to go into details here on my blog or go around spreading lies to all my contacts but let me just say...


I believe one thing Xia Xue has taught all of us is that having influence on social media gives you a hell lot of power to expose someone, start rumors, start controversies or even start a whole epic saga on the internet with just one comment or one post. What Eunice Annabel taught me on the other hand is that using influence to hurt someone is just wrong.

I am proud of myself for not losing it throughout the fall out with 'princess'. I've been through online fights way too many times. People hurt me. People hurt my friends. So I hurt people too. Situations got so painfully ugly way too many times. I'm so proud of myself for not giving into the temptation of starting a little war on social media. (which I would've totally 'won' LOL #JUSTSAYING) I was honestly raging, like legitimately raging... If it weren't for the friends I had around me throughout that period I probably would've lost it and I probably would've punched that little bitch right there right then in front of everyone... It was crazy how angry she got me but I'm just glad I got over it. Even after hearing the lies she was telling people... I need a pat on the back for not slapping any bitches and for not feeding the fire on social media throughout that intense period.

How will I react to seeing her again now? Obviously, I do not wish to but in an unfortunate unfortunate event that I do, I'm just going to laugh and ignore her. I do not hate her but I am just no longer interested in associating myself with a 'princess' and since she wished me a 'good fucking life', I'm going to take it :) without her in it :)

How many friends can you find who will sacrifice sleep and crucial nights to stay overnight at the airport to send you off at 5am in the morning before waiting alone for the first bus home? I don't know hahaha I guess it's really her lost, not mine.

 I have enough friends, my life is already filled with so many amazing people who I love dearly and I am actually having a really great life :) I did so well for my Os, I exceeded my own expectations, I met and out met my targets and all in good health with my life and meaningful relationships all in tact... Yeah, I'm having a great life thank you for your wishes princess I hope your life is great too :D

And that's pretty much it for this #2014throwback
 I may post up a part 2 if I ain't lazy in the week ahead hahaha

Also, Stay tuned for my full upcoming post for an amazing accessories shop

Check out @shopstiel on Instagram

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