The Fluffiest Cleanser Ever feat. Biore [AD]


The Fluffiest Cleanser Ever!

Featuring Biore's new Marshmallow Whip Deep Clean Facial Wash which I have been using since I was 12!

I have actually been a fan of Biore's Marshmallow foam cleansers since I was 12! Back then I was attracted to it the way any vain little 12 year old would be attracted to something that was PINK! But it was also cute, it made washing my face kind of fun and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth every time. Why will anyone not want to wash their face with soft fluffy foam?

The only thing that used to hold me back from replenishing this product whenever it ran out was the pricing. It was around $16 back then if I remember correctly and I could easily get a relatively effective cleanser anywhere for way cheaper.

Onto the new formula I got to try out from Biore

These babies only just hit the shelves earlier this week!

The new formula was created specifically to deal with oily skin but let's face it, no matter what combination our skin types may be, the humidity in Singapore recently has been leaving my face feeling totally disgusting by nightfall.

Recently, I actually fell into the dark hole of over cleansing and I don't moisturize on a daily basis so this left my skin totally dried up and wait for it... I still could not escape from the zits! On the contrary to being zitless, while getting my makeup done by my sister (@BeautyByRah), she said that my nose felt like crocodile skin.

Well, I have been washing my face with fluffy clouds now so whoop bye bye crocodile skin!

Personally, I am just back in love with this cleanser.

One pump is all I need each time and me being the lazy lazyyy girl I have always been, having foam immediately pumped out just delights me because it saves me from having to ladder up my cleanser on my own. 

In addition, the tiny-er bubbles in Biore's formula helps the cleanser to penetrate deeper into your skin, cleansing deep within your pores and leaving you with overall cleaner skin.

The price of this marshmallow foam cleanser is now only $13.90 !
I feel like I used to pay $16 for this?

You can grab one of them at any pharmacy, super mart, beauty or departmental store

More reviews are available at Sample Store

Thank you for reading!

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